Being a member of DSCA is a privilege and a professional responsibility. It is our professional duty to keep informed of all the new trends in the field of School Counseling and to help the profession prosper. 

As School Counselors we have a duty to our students to be informed of all the legislation changes and to continue to uphold the highest degree of ethics and professionalism.

In doing so, we bring our profession a high standard of care and responsibility. Joining DSCA and being an active member is a highly valuable aspect of our jobs. Networking with other professionals in the field and being involved with the changes that affect our everyday tasks is highly empowering. 

It is our ethical responsibility to serve our students with the highest professional standard. Being an active member of DSCA will ensure that we are in charge of where our profession is headed. 

It is the mission of DSCA to offer the best available services to our members. We will advocate for School Counselors, offer professional development, and offer opportunities for School Counselors to network and share ideas. 

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